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Starting point: Salbide Neighbourhood | Height: 200m | Distance: 7,6 km


Starting point: Salbide Neighbourhood

Passing under the railway and motorway bridges, continue up the road which, once you have passed the cemetery, becomes a cement track and takes you to the Ountzain farmhouse and the remains of the Balentzegi-aundi farmhouse, and a magnificent holm oak (quercus ilex).

At the junction, take the right-hand fork, which continues to climb gently.

At the next junction, continue to the left. The route passes along side the Arbestain-aundi and Arbestain-txiki farmhouses (on the right).

Leaving on your left the path which leads down to the Urrezberoeta-aundi farmhouse, with its coat of arms, continue straight on until your reach San Blas Chapel, along side which you will find the Aia, Getaria and Zarautz “mugarri”.

From this point you can choose one of two routes to reach Elkano:

  1. To the left of the “mugarri” take the old road which will take you on a gentle downward slope to the Agote-txiki farmhouse.
  2. To the right, follow the track which links up with the Meagas Elkano road. After you pass the Alkortiaga farmhouse and Sta. Krutz Chapel, on the north corner of which you will see the Aia, Aizarnazabal and Zarautz “mugarri”, you will access the Elkano Neighbourhood.

From the Plaza, next to the church, go back a few metres towards Meagas and take the tarmac road on the right which takes you to the Agote-txiki farmhouse (renovated).

Continue the descent, on the left there is a chalet, until you reach the Agote-aundi farmhouse, where the tarmac road ends. Take a path which descends to the right to link up with another cemented track which leads to the Lertxundi farmhouse.

Continue along the track and, once you have passed the Sola farmhouse, always walking downhill, you reach a wood drying place located next to the River Makatzeta. Walk along the track which runs along side the River -downstream-.

Junction. The track joins the road that runs downhill from Urdaneta. Continue on the left, passing by the Abendaño farmhouse and entering the industrial estate until you reach the first roundabout (link with Urteta road).

Continue on the left to later pass under the motorway to end the route at Azken Portu.