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Hondartzaren erabilera

The beach - summer 2021




Area Name Capacity (%) (Live)
Z1 Munoa -
Z2 Bañeru -
Z3 Madoz -
Z4 Matxitxako -
Z5 Higer -
Z6 Lizardi -
Z7 Orixe -
Z8 Argiñano -
Z9 Borghetto -
Z10 Biotopoa -

Due to the special situation caused by COVID19, and in order to ensure the safety of users, this summer the capacity of the beach will be controlled.


 AREA       ENTRANCE              
 Z1   Munoa
 Z2   Bañeru
 Z3   Madoz
 Z4   Matxitxako
 Z5   Higer
 Z6   Lizardi
 Z7   Orixe
 Z8   Argiñano
 Z9   Borghetto
 Z10   Biotopoa



 There will be 10 areas on the beach (entrance/exit)
•    There will be a capacity counting system at each entrances/exits. If one of the areas gets full, the entrance will be closed and people will need to go through another one of the entrances.
•    The capacity of the beach will be controlled from 10:00 to 18:00
•    Low tide capacity: about 1,000 people
•    High tide capacity: it will differ depending on the area and the tide (it will be controlled to guarantee the security distance
•    The City Council recommends a maximum stay of two hours per day
•    Sunbathing, walking along the shore and moving between areas will be allowed
•     There will be panels at the entrances of Zarautz (N634 and motorway) with updated information about the capacity of the beach
•    Swimmer assistance service for the handicapped will be offered. Showers and fountains will be operating but footbaths will be out of service