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Protected Natural Landscape of Iñurritza

Iñurritza biotopoa


The canal is where the Iñurritza River meets the sea. It’s not a canal per se, but in Zarautz that's what we call it. It’s a really special place. Here, where seawater meets fresh, there’s an abundance of animal life including seagulls, black-tailed godwits, mullet, dunlins, worms, snails and more. Visit the canal to experience a truly special place.



Zarautz has the most extensive dune system in Gipuzkoa. Some 17 ha of land is almost totally inhabited by flora and fauna. This special ecosystem provides habitat for birds, reptiles, amphibians and small insects, all of which you can observe from a walkway. You’ll need plenty of patience to spot them – they're experts at blending in with their surroundings. If you do see an animal, don’t disturb it. You can take a photo as a keepsake, but leave the dunes and the ecosystem as you found them.



The Iñurritza marshes comprise a unique ecosystem with exceptional plant life. The rise and fall of the tides twice a day means the only plants here are rooted in the mud and able to survive in both seawater and fresh. The marsh vegetation plays a crucial role in the biological cycle of the canal and the marshes and is essential for the fauna that live there.