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Starting point: Azken Portu Neighbourhood in Zarautz | Height: 500 m | Distance: 16,2 km


Starting point: Azken Portu Neighbourhood in Zarautz

Start along the road which initially leads to both Urteta and Urdaneta. As soon as you pass under the motorway, continue on the left. On the right are the roads which lead to La Salle School and Urdaneta.

On reaching the Ventas Neighbourhood, continue up the tarmac path which starts on the right and passes along side the Santuru, Argoin-txiki and Borda farmhouses, until you reach the municipal dump. Continue along the track, on the right, which passes along side the lower part of the Gorritxoaga farmhouse. Leave the track and walk to the right along a path, which is practically straight and climbs up sharply to reach the water tanks of the Gorritxoaga farmhouse.

Continue, to the right, in gentle ascent along a marked path. The Paskualsoro farmhouse is on your left and below you, on the right, is the Aranburu Erreka gully.

You come back out onto the track you left earlier which leads to Urdaneta. Continue along it on the right.

Otzarreta farmhouse. Leave the track and turn left to bypass the “langa”. Walk through a small pine wood which ends along side the Sarobe-Berri farmhouse (on the right) combined with the remains of a beech wood which until a few years ago dominated this spot.

Pass two “langas” and cross the meadow until you reach a new “langa”. On the left is a small American oak wood with beech trees at its edges and on the right, on a small hillock the Sorobe-berri mound with yew trees around it. A few metres later you will reach a junction.

Take the path on the left which climbs up the hillside along side a few Scots Pines (pinus sylvestris) and Douglas-firs (pseudotsuga menziesii).

Crossing a wire fence, on the right at the bottom of the gully are the ruins of the Nebera farmhouse, around which are two "elurtzulos”. Further on, descend until you reach a hill, “Lizarraundiko lepoa” with two wire fences.

Continue straight, walking up along side the wire fence. The path ascends skirting between pasturelands, adapting to the orography of the terrain and passes along side the “Urrustume IV” mound.

Continue on the left, close to the wire fence. Continue along the path which, after passing some solitary beech trees, climbs up to the grasslands at the top of Pagoeta and comes out at the bottom of the cross.

For the return journey, take the path that descends from the cross to a pretty cottage "Uruzume Aterpea". Leaving the cottage, continue straight on for a few metres to cross the wire fence..

The descending path runs along the wire fence, reaching a wide path. Turn right and then left straight away to cross over a new wire fence, and then cross a meadow and pass a second wire fence, to reach a fountain.

Continue to the right for a few metres and you will come out on a new track. Continue along this track, also on the right. Further on, cross over the wire fence and take a path straight ahead, which is flat at the start, and you will pass between the mounds “Urrustume I, II, III” and descend to the “Lizarraundiko lepoa” hillock.

After crossing over the double wire fence, return to the upward route until you reach the Sarobe-berri farmhouse.

Continue along a wide track, leaving the path from Zarautz on the right.

At the crossroads, take the track on the left, which descends sharply, until you pass Pagadi farmhouse and reach Urdaneta.

The road from Urdaneta to Zarautz it 6 km’s long, along which you will pass by the Indagarate-berri, Indagarate-zar, Izeta and Abendaño farmhouses, to reach the crossroads. Continuing to the left, walk under the motorway until you reach the Azken Portu Neighbourhood.