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Santa Bárbara / Getaria

Vineyards and sea

Starting point: Zarautz Parish Church | Height: 150 m | Distance: 7,8 km

Santa Bárbara / Getaria

Starting point: Zarautz Parish Church

Start along the road towards Azpeitia.

Take the tarmac path that ascends on the right, right along side the fence of the old people’s home. A few metres on, leave the tarmac path and take the road which, with a steep slope, takes you round "viñedos de txakoli".

After you have climbed the slope, when you reach another tarmac path, go up the path on the right until you reach Sta. Bárbara Chapel, from which you can admire a beautiful panoramic view of Zarautz. Strawberry trees grow around the chapel.

Go back to the crossroads and turn right, continue until you are level with the Allene farmhouse.

The tarmac path turns to the left to access this farmhouse. Continue to the right along the road. On the right is the Garro farmhouse.

At the end of the road, a tarmac road begins. Continue straight on passing along side the Urkiola, Gaztaka-txiki and Eitzaga farmhouses and the “Txakolin Talaia” viewpoint.

On entering the road which goes from Meagas to Getaria, descend to the right, passing along side the Gurutzeaga farmhouse.

On a hairpin bend, turn right to walk down steps which lead to the Plaza de Getaria.

Your return journey to Zarautz is along the coastal road, by the sea.