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Starting point: Iñurritza Neighbourhood | Height: 50 m | Distance: 6 km


The approach to the Iñurritza Neighbourhood from the old town, starts along Kale Nagusia, passing along side the Luzea Tower House, and via Gipuzkoa Kalea until you reach the San Pelayo Chapel in the Iñurritza Neighbourhood.

Starting point: Iñurritza Neighbourhood.

Level with the petrol station, cross the main road and, in the direction of Donostia, go passed the Zubiondo farmhouse. A few metres on, take the path to the left -between allotments- which passes in front of the Agerre-bekoa, Agerre-erdikoa and Agerre-goikoa farmhouses. Start your ascent, leaving a row of pine trees on your left, until you come out onto the tarmac road.

Continue to the left, ascending until you reach Bodegas Talaimendi.

Crossroads. Here you have two options:

  1. Along the path to the right, passing in front of the Berazadi-berri farmhouse, you will reach the San Martín de Ibaieta Chapel, located at around 200 m.
  2. The path to the left, which runs parallel to the campsite, leads to the Talaimendi high ground, from where you get a beautiful panoramic view. Descending along a grass path you reach the remains of the old mineral wharf and Malla-arria.

It is said that from the rounded hillock of Talaimendi, of which only a few vague foundations of its watchtower remain, in olden times, the watchtower guards indicated the direction the shoals of fish were taking to the fishermen using banners.

Back at the crossroads once again, start walking in the same direction as the initial route, descending along the central track. Passing along side the Oribar-bazter farmhouse, you will reach Torretxo Beach and you can extend the walk to the tip of the left-hand jetty at the mouth of Orio.

You can make the return journey to Zarautz along the same route.

You can also walk to Orio, along the track which skirts around Mendibeltz and, passing under the motorway, it ends along side San Paulo Chapel and connects with the main road.