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Our pintxo, "TOLDOTXO"

Among the variety of pintxos that you will find, don’t forget to taste the ‘Toldotxo’. The name comes from the popular “toldos” on the beach and our “pintxos” and make us recall the beach, its sand… It is a small cube of battered hake on a base of sliced potatoes, with baked bread and ham crumbs, light allioli and green pepper strips. A delicious creation in which the Arguiñano family has collaborated.

Here is the list of the bars where you can taste a Toldotxo (3,50€):

1.- Euskalduna                                         2.- Iruña
3.- Itsaski                                                  4.- Itxas-Lur
5.- Joe                                                      6.- Karlos Arguiñano
7.- Salegi                                                  8.- Txiki-Polit