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Starting point: Azken Portu Neighbourhood | Height: 150 m | Distance: 8,3 km


Starting point: Azken Portu Neighbourhood.

Start walking along the road which initially takes you towards Urteta and Urdaneta. As soon as you pass under the motorway, continue to the left. On the right are the roads that lead to La Salle School and Urdaneta.

On reaching the Ventas Neighbourhood, do not turn right but continue straight on.

At the junction next to the Errota-berri farmhouse, continue straight on ascending via Olatxo-berri to reach Urteta.

At the Urteta crossroad, on the right, a bit higher up is the interesting San Sebastián Church. Turn left in the direction of the Gurmendi farmhouse. Once you have passed this, continue along the tarmac path that leads to the Isasti farmhouse.

A path continues to the right. A few metres on there is a junction with three paths: continue along the central path, pass over a “langa” and you will come out onto the road along side the Etxeberri farmhouse.

Leave the road that leads to the crossroads and continue straight on, ascending along a cement track that passes along side the Kortaburu farmhouse and a water tank.

Aierdi farmhouse. Leave the track and take another which descends to the right. Pass along side the Oiarte farmhouse to reach the Municipal Dump, where it connects with the Pagoeta Route.

Descend along the road until you reach the Ventas Neighbourhood and return to the starting point.