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Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre Park

Vista Alegre Natural Park (Garate-Santa Barbara Natura 2000 Sarea)

Meeting point between the city and the wild environment, with 45,724 square metres of recreational area.The park offers a wide presence of exotic species, although the cork oak remains the most populated species. The catalog includes 55 local and foreign species.

The park has a tower of the same name built by the Count of Villapadierna in 1913; one of the first reinforced concrete constructions made in Gipuzkoa. Neoclassical in style, it is shaped like a semicircle and is made up of ten columns. The second floor offers an amazing panoramic view of Zarautz.

This tower is one of the most valuable buildings in the town and the Zarautz City Council has remodeled it during 2020.

How to get to the park:
- On foot
- By bus: Allemendi stop
- Aldapeta elevator