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Zarautz Round-Trip

Zarautz Round-Trip

Starting point: Zarautz Parish Church | Height: 500 m | Distance: 23,7 km

Vuelta a Zarautz

Starting point: Zarautz Parish Church

Walk a few metres towards Azpeitia. Take the tarmac path that ascends on the right, right along side the fence of the old people’s home. A few metres on, leave the tarmac path and take a wide road which, after a steep climb, passes along side the Allene and Garro farmhouses. At the end of the road, continue for a few metres along the main road.

Turn left. Walk up to the Zingireta farmhouse. Continue the ascent to the right. After passing a new chalet, stay on the route which always runs along the line of the summit until you reach the road at the Alto de Garate. Descend to the left until you reach the Meagas crossroads.

Cross the road and continue towards the Elkano Neighbourhood. Before reaching the top of this neighbourhood, take a wide path on the right.

Next to Sta. Krutz Chapel, on the right, take the path that leads south-east.

On reaching a crossroads, continue along the central path that ascends to the peak of Indamendi, where you will find the “muga” of three towns: Aia, Aizarnazabal and Zestoa, as well as a large cross and a geodesic vertex.

The path continues to the left, along the wire fence, leave a wide path on the right, go around a cottage and descend to the Aierdi-muxu hillock.

Ascend straight up (southeast) until you cross a “langa”, change direction and continue parallel to the wire fence until you go round it. Continue straight along the line of the crest and after passing various wire fences, of which there are many in this area, you will reach the Illarratxo iron cross (Txatxarromendi).

From the top descend in a north-easterly direction. Cross over a “langa” and along a wide path you will reach a crossroads along side the road from Zarautz. Take this road and descend to the right to Urdaneta.

Start walking again along the track which, leaving cemetery on the right, ascends to the Pagadi-berri farmhouse. Continue straight on.

Once you have climbed the hill, on a flat area there is a crossroads. Continue to the right. On reaching the Sarobe-berri farmhouse the track ends.

The path runs along the left of the farmhouse. Pass over a “langa” and cross the meadow until you reach another “langa”. On the left is a small American Oak wood and on the right, on a small hillock, is the Sarobe-berri mound.

A few metres on you will reach a junction. Take the left-hand path that ascends up the hillside, along side some conifer trees and cross over a wire fence. Walk along the path until you descend the “Lizarraundiko lepoa” hillock between two wire fences.

At the bottom, in the hollow, are the ruins of the Nebera farmhouse around which you will find two "elurtzulos".

Continue straight on, ascending along side the wire fence. The path climbs along side pasturelands, adapting to the orography of the terrain.

Continue on the left, close to the wire fence, along side the “Urrustume IV” mound. Continue along the path which, after passing some solitary beech trees, climbs up to the grasslands at the top of Pagoeta and comes out at the bottom of the cross.

From the top, descend in a south-easterly direction along the path that runs along side the Calvary crosses. After walking between closed beech and conifer plantations along a wide track, which you must leave at then of the wood to come out onto the pastureland, continue the descent along the path which, once you have passed the Arreta mound, leads to the town of Aia.

You will come out onto the road, where you turn left and then right. Before you reach the pelota court, take the track that descends to the left and leads to the Gorostiola farmhouse, where it ends.

Continue the descent along side a meadow and a pinewood. Cross the irrigation channel and walk to the old Agorregi ironworks.

Walking around it, cross the irrigation channel again, via a small bridge, and continue along the path on the left, leaving the wide track that runs along the right downstream. The path, in continuous ascent, loops through vegetation and an iron viewpoint with a sign indicating the names of mountains, places and farmhouses, until it comes close to the Iturraran farmhouse.

On leaving the track, turn left and continue until you reach a wide path which goes around a high fence.

Descend on the right along the road and go passed the Laurgain recreational area.

At the Landerbide-azpikoa farmhouse, leave the road and turn left to access the uphill track that takes you to the Iruzta farmhouse.

Continue on the left, following the cement path that passes along side the Aitza, Bidegurutzeta and Frantzesetxea farmhouses, and crosses the bridge over the motorway, and ends in Zarautz.