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The Basque language, Euskera is spoken by around 850,000 people on both sides of the eastern end of the Pyrenees.

One of the greatest treasures that the Basques have given humanity is without doubt Euskera. It is a language which has no known direct relation on the European continent, which leads us to believe that it could be the oldest language in Europe. But the biggest mystery about Euskera is not its origins but the fact that it has survived to the present day.

It’s gone through difficult times and there are still geographical differences in how much it is used, but today Euskera is still a living, breathing part of Basque society, particularly in Zarautz and the other towns of the country.

Zarautz is a Basque speaking town. 74% of Zarauztarras speak Euskera, another 11% understand it. You’ll see that Euskera is present in all areas of life, be they social, economic, administrative, cultural or sporting.

Why don’t you try some Euskera? Learn a few words and use them during your stay: bai (yes), agur (good bye), eskerrik asko (thank you). We’ll be so pleased!


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