Beach - Promenade



Breathe in the salty sea air in Zarautz wherever you go, whether walking along the seafront, in the hills, reading in a terrace cafe, enjoying pintxos with some friends and more. Zarautz has the longest beach in Gipuzkoa, at 2,500 metres.

Along the beach is a vast promenade that you can enjoy year-round. It is the buzzing heart of Zarautz; the beach is the place to be for leisure activities and sports, whatever the weather. Cold, rain, snow... this doesn’t stop people heading out to play football, surf, run, swim, do yoga or enjoy a stroll.

The promenade boasts sculptures by various artists and a playpark. There’s even a 1-km walkway over part of the beach that coincides with the biotope. At the other end, a wonderful seafront walk will take you along the coast to Getaria.




The services and facilities consist of showers and lavatories, a lifeguard service, and a deckchair and beach canopy rental service.



Water temperature in summer 19-21ºC.

Information point:
20800 - Zarautz - Gipuzkoa
Tel.: (+34) 943 89 03 77



  • Enjoy the beach and be respectful to other people.
  • Please, follow lifeguards instructions.
  • Flags colours:

Red/ blue: WATER SPORTS (Surf, body-board…)

  • If you are dragged by the current, stay calm, don't try to swim against the current, and if you get into difficulty signal for help.
  • It is recommended that swimmers with inflatables etc. only bathe in the green flagged areas.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Separate your rubbish and deposit it in the correct bins: plastics and tins (yellow); paper (blue); glass (green).
  • Only use the showers when you are leaving the beach to wash off sand and sweat. To cool down, use seawater.
  • Don't play with the taps or the showers and don't encourage children to do so. It's better to use seawater, it's of excellent quality and nearby.
  • Don't use soap when showering, it pollutes the sand.
  • f you want to play with balls, beachballs etc. please only do so in the areas specifically provided.
  • Respect other peoples' personal space and try not to infringe on it.