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n Zarautz the sea is with us everywhere. Walking along the waterfront promenade, trekking up to the mountains, reading on a terrace, in cheerful chat with friends while eating some pintxos… When the sea is in sight everything seems to take on a different light.

Zarautz Beach is the largest in Gipuzkoa and its 2,500 metres make it a multidisciplinary space, with different aspects and people. Families, surfers and nature lovers come together at the same time on this stretch of sand.

Zarautz sits atop a colossal dune. You only need to observe the visible part of it, the biggest dune biotope on the coast of Gipuzkoa, to get an idea of it. It is located at the eastern end of the beach and you can walk across it from one side to the other.

The promenade is the perfect backdrop for this stretch of sand, and it contains sculptures by various artists and a children’s playground. The promenade runs along the whole of the town and extends to the neighbouring town of Getaria along a spectacular esplanade which never turns its back on the sea.





The Zarautz town hall, as a local and public entity, realises the importance of respecting the environment and the conservation of natural resources. For this reason the town hall is committed, through its actions, to promoting sustainable development in our society, and to improve the environment on the beach, which is the star attraction of the town.

The town hall has established an environmental management system on the beach, for the prevention of pollution and to help improve attitudes towards the environment of all those who use the beach. The Zarautz town hall has obtained the ISO standard 14001 and EMAS.


In 2016, in a public ceremony, the Basque government's Environment Department recognised Zarautz town hall's commitment to the continual improvement of its environmental conduct for over ten years.

The Zarautz town hall, as a public body with a local remit, is well aware of the importance of respecting the environment and conserving our natural resources. For this reason, and with the objective of carrying out our activities in such a way that they contribute to the sustainable development of local society, we commit ourselves to the improvement of our environmental performance with regards to Zarautz beach, which after all is the star natural attraction of our town.

Zarautz town hall's commitment with regards to the beach can be summarised along the following lines:

  • Ensure that all environmental requirements and regulations are followed at all times.
  • Establish targets and provide the necessary resources to meet those targets, which will be periodically revised and updated by the relevant department, to ensure continual improvement in our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution.
  • Environmental issues will be fully integrated into the day to day work of the town hall, being regarded as an important factor for the long-term general improvement of the town hall, thus reducing the environmental impact of its activities.
  • Aim to save natural resources through the quality and efficiency of our actions, minimizing the use of said resources by using the most eco-friendly methods.
  • Aim for the involvement and participation of those who use the beach through promoting awareness, a key part of improving our environmental performance with regards to the beach.
  • Establish appropriate training and awareness plans which will ensure that town hall employees, and relevant subcontractors, are well-informed of the policies, aims and obligations of our organisation. Establish the principle of responsibility, so that all our employees and contractors take responsibility for all and any environmental issues which occur in their day to day work routines. This environmental policy will apply to all activities, products and services on Zarautz beach in any and all situations.



The services and facilities consist of showers and lavatories, a lifeguard service, and a deckchair and beach canopy rental service.



Water temperature in summer 19-21ºC.

Information point:
20800 - Zarautz - Gipuzkoa
Tel.: (+34) 943 89 03 77
In 2021 it will be closed




  • Enjoy the beach and be respectful to other people.
  • Please, follow lifeguards instructions.
  • Flags colours:

Red/ blue: WATER SPORTS (Surf, body-board…)

  • If you are dragged by the current, stay calm, don't try to swim against the current, and if you get into difficulty signal for help.
  • It is recommended that swimmers with inflatables etc. only bathe in the green flagged areas.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Separate your rubbish and deposit it in the correct bins: plastics and tins (yellow); paper (blue); glass (green).
  • Only use the showers when you are leaving the beach to wash off sand and sweat. To cool down, use seawater.
  • Don't play with the taps or the showers and don't encourage children to do so. It's better to use seawater, it's of excellent quality and nearby.
  • Don't use soap when showering, it pollutes the sand.
  • f you want to play with balls, beachballs etc. please only do so in the areas specifically provided.
  • Respect other peoples' personal space and try not to infringe on it.



  • Dogs on the beach: It is forbidden for dogs to be off the lead on the promenade. From Easter until the 12th of October, dogs can go onto the beach between the hours of 21:00 and 06:00.
  • It is forbidden to sail any kind of craft within 200 metres at low tide, or at a speed greater than 3 knots.
  • During the hours of the Red Cross lifeguard service it is forbidden to fish on the beach.