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Challenge day


Feel like an intense day out in Zarautz? If you accept our challenges, you’ll have a fun-packed day full of surprises! Are you up to the task?

The first challenge of the day is to find a series of plaques along the permanent Blue Green Ring orienteering circuit around Vista Alegre Park. Choose from three routes of different lengths and difficulty. The yellow route is simplest and most family-friendly option. This 2-km trail through the park has 10 plaques for you to find. The orange route is the longest at 2.7 km. You have to find 12 plaques. The red route is the longest and most challenging option, with 12 plaques to find over a total of 3.9 km.

Maps of all the routes – combining nature, fun and orienteering – are available in the Tourist Information Centre or at www.turismozarautz.eus/es. The maps show the things to look for along the Blue Green Ring. When you find them, write the letter from the plaque on your map.


The second challenge, in the afternoon, is to solve a mystery. Find out what happened in the Palace of Narros! Legend has it that rough seas washed up a shipwreck survivor on the beach in Zarautz in 1572. The trespasser was taken in by the owners of the Palace of Narros and cared for in the so-called Blue Room. The castaway was a Huguenot. After the massacre by the Catholics on Bartholomew's Day in Paris, he tried to escape France. He set sail from La Rochelle to England on a galleon, but a rough storm in the Bay of Biscay put paid to his efforts.

The castaway's condition worsened. In a fever-induced delirium, he cursed and renounced the Catholic faith. He died on 23rd August in the Blue Room, without receiving the holy sacraments. Since then, at night on every Bartholomew's Day, they say you can hear the cries and wails of the English castaway, and that the paintings hanging in the palace come alive. Do you dare find out who, how and why they killed the castaway in this escape room?