Discover Zarautz

Discover Zarautz

Zarautz has been one of the favorite destinations for families on the Basque coast for more than a century. Queen Elizabeth II already chose the town to spend the summer with her daughters and sons and, today, a combined offer of beach, nature and gastronomy designed for all ages continues to make the town a perfect destination to enjoy with the family.

Zarautz is, without a doubt, one of the main references for family tourism in the Basque Country, and not only does it want to continue being so, but it also seeks excellence in that market. Not in vain is it an active part of Euskadi en Familia and has the Family Tourism Seal.

Among the wide offering aimed at families, the latest novelty is the creation of an interactive game called “Azken Balea” (the last whale), with which through an “escape” type game on the mobile (web app), Families discover the history and whaling tradition of Zarautz. Two supports have also been created in which the protagonist is a fun whale: a map of Zarautz and a digital brochure. In both, activities, resources, services, etc. are detailed. adapted to those who want to travel as a family.

All these ingredients, and many more to discover, make Zarautz a perfect destination to enjoy with your family. We are waiting for you, are you coming?


In the attached map you will find the essential tourist resources for a pleasant family visit to Zarautz.

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