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The Monuments

Zarautz was founded as a town in 1237 and the results of recent archaeological research show that the original settlement of Zarautz could date back to 9th century DC. These 1200 years of history mean that Zarautz has Historical Monuments that are well worth a visit.

  • Monumental setting: guided tours

July and August: from Tuesday to Saturday, except bank holidays, 11:30
Departure: parish church, Santa María la Real.
Duration: one hour.
Price: 2,50€

More information:
Tel.: (+34) 943 83 52 81


Along the Historical Monuments Route you are invited to enjoy a pleasant walk through the history of Zarautz via its monuments.

1.- San Pelayo Hermitage                                                   10.- Market
2.- Sanz Enea                                                                      11.- Makatza House
3.- Buen Pastor Convent of the Barefoot Carmelites          12.- Art and Histori Museum of Zarautz
4.- Villa Munda Municipal Academy of Music                      13.- Santa Maria la Real parish Church
5.- Franciscan Convent and Church                                    14.- Narros Palace
6.- Dotorekua House                                                            15.- Photomuseum
7.- Portu House                                                                    16.- Vista Alegre park Tower
8.- Luzea Tower                                                                    17.- Santa Barbara Hermitage
9.- Santa Marina Hermitage                                                 18.- Santa Clara Convent