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We start the morning with this entertaining, fun and educational tour. An interactive game for children, Marco Topo. To play we only need a paper map, stickers and a mobile phone to access a web application.

Marco Topo is designed so that families with children from 5 to 12 years old can make self-guided visits to the most emblematic places of Zarautz, and learn about its history, heritage and culture.

Enter the Tourist Office and request information about the game, "Marco Topo". Enter the web from the phone www.marcotopo.com, and start playing in the same Office, where you have to solve the first clue, place the first sticker on the paper game, and continue with the tour.

In an hour and a half, we will walk through the Old Town, the port, the seafront promenade ... to finish the tour in the "duck park". Go through the places indicated on the map, solve different challenges with your mobile phone and place the sticker corresponding to each test passed on the map.

At the end of the game, pick up a small gift in the Office and you will receive your diploma by email.


In the afternoon, a relaxing walk along the promenade until reaching the footbridge. It is the entrance to the Iñurritza biotope one of the corners of greatest natural value, where we can see the dunes, the plants, and if we are lucky, some of the small inhabitants of the area.

The bravest can continue up the stairs on the slope of Mount Talai Mendi until they reach the Mollarri, the mineral boarding platform. The reconstruction of the old mineral loading dock offers an interesting excursion to the industrial past of Zarautz and allows us to enjoy the surprising views of the open sea and the idyllic setting.