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In July and August visits to discover the natural treasures of the Iñurritza biotope and the Zingira Forest.
The Iñurritza Biotope and the Zingira Forest are protected areas within the 2000 Natura Network. Iñurritza has had the Biotope designation since 1997 to protect the biodiversity and vulnerability of the river and wetland ecosystem. The autochthonous dune is one of the few that are conserved in the Cantabrian coast and in it we find several plants on the verge of extintion. This area also provides protection for many birds, especially migratory birds.
On the other hand, the cork oaks found in the Zingira forest occupied the Cantabrian coast thousands of years ago, but currently they are reduced to a few enclaves, those of Garate Santa Bárbara being one of the few that are conserved, thus constituting a relictic forest. Hence, then, the importance of maintaining them as an important reserve for biodiversity.

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