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Pintxos - Toldotxo


Pintxos are a symbol of Euskadi and in Zarautz they have become a wonderful experience. We call it “irse de pintxos”. So “go out for pintxos” and discover them in every bar, breathe in the relaxed local atmosphere and feel a part of it. The gastronomy of Zarautz is displayed in every little mouthful.


Our “pintxo, TOLDOTXO"

Battered hake, ‘panadera’ potatoes, green pepper, alioli and a ham and breadcrumb sand. The most iconic pintxo from Zarautz is a snack designed to conquer palates and challenge our understanding. Its name comes from the fusion of the word ‘toldo’ (which means ‘canopy’, in reference to the iconic striped beach huts) and ‘pintxo’. Its key ingredient underlines the coastal character of this seafront town where people flock to eat octopus, turbot, sea bream and, of course, hake. The recipe combines fruits of the land and sea, the kitchen garden and the fish market. It also blends contemporary cooking with its roots, the passage of time and an emotional essence with an aroma of tradition, family, memories and days on the beach. And it goes without saying that it's the perfect partner to our txakoli. That's why ‘toldotxo’ is the pintxo that brings it all together.


Here is the list of the bars where you can taste a Toldotxo (3,50€):

1.- Euskalduna                                         2.- Itxas-Lur
3.- Karlos Arguiñano                                4.- Salegi
5.- Txiki Polit