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IZFE Schedule

"San Pelaio Fiestas 2022"

Date Hour
2022/06/25 - 2022/06/28 All Day


June 25 , Saturday, SAN Pelaio ‘ eve)

12:00: In Lege Zaharren Enparantza, Announcement of the fiestas with rockets and loud bangs.
On the balcony of the City Hall, the Mayor will deliver the “makila” to the junior director of the Junior Drum Parade.

Afterwards Parade with IGANDE music band, giants and big heads
"Junior Drum Parade”

20:00: In Lege Zaharren enparantza, gathering of all the groups and performance.

22:00: In Musika plaza DJ performance with DJ KI

23:00: In Iñurritza, concert by PARIAK BAI and FAN & GO

23:15: “Adults´ Drum Parade”. From Zigordia kalea to Lege Zaharren enparantza. 

23:45: In Lege Zaharren enparantza, delivery of the "San Pelaio Makila" to ZUREKIN by representatives of the parade.

00:00: In Lege Zaharren enparantza, raising of the flag of Zarautz with the collaboration of local authorities. Loud bangs, fireworks, and singing of the hymn of San Pelayo. 

Afterwards, DJ performance: DJ Davila and DJ Javi

At the same time: In Iñurritza, raising of the flag with several surprises

00:15: In Musika Plaza, open-air dance with the group ALAIKI

At the same time: The Adults´ Drum Parade will continue playing down the streets (Musika Plaza, Kale Nagusia, Gaztelekua)

00:00-03:00: In Munoa, campaign against drug and alcohol abuse 

June 26th, Sunday  “San Pelaio Day”

9:00: Wakeup call with trikitilaris and dulzaineros.

At the same time: In Iñurritza, wakeup call with txistularis

11:00: Main Mass in the chapel of San Pelaio.

11:30: “Drum’s parade” in the centre

12:30: Aurresku in Iñurritza (traditional dance). 

12:30: In Merkatu plaza, concert of the music band “Zarauzko Musika Banda”

17:30: Kalejira (parade) to Iñurritza with dulzaineros and trikitilaris, accompanied by ZARAUTZ ‘TRIK and USTEKABE

18:00: In Iñurritza, music with GAUARGI

20:00: In Iñurritza, “Larrain dantza” popular dance accompanied 

20:30: Return of the parade “kalejira” to Musika Plaza accompanied by  ZARAUTZ’TRIK and SUGARRI.

22:30: In Musika Plaza, open-air dance with KRESALA

At the same time: In Iñurritza, open-air dance with IZER and ALABIER

23:00 – 02:30: On the beach promenade, campaign against drug and alcohol abuse

June 27th, Monday “Second day of San Pelaio” (children’s Day)

05:30: In Iñurritza, garlic soup

11:30-13:30: In Frontoi Txiki (Gazteleku, if it rains), games for children

17:00: In Iñurritza playing area for young people (+12)

17:30: Kalejira “Parade” from Musika Plaza to Iñurritza, with giants and big heads, the brass band PASAI, and trikitilaris from “IMUNTZO´s School”

18:00: Inflatables and FOAM PARTY in the sports´ field of “ikastola” (Iñurritza)

18:30-21:00: In Iñurritza, free wine and cheese tasting. 

19:00: In Iñurritza, open-air dance for children with DJ PORRU

20:30: Return parade “kalejira” from Iñurritza to Musika Plaza.

22:00: In front of UDABERRI, open-air dance with AZABACHE

22:00: In Musika Plaza, open-air dance with DJ Ohian Vega

22:30: In Iñurritza, “FESTIVAL DE BERTSOLARIS” (Basque improvised poetry).

Afterwards, open-air dance with the group BAT- BITAN

June 28th, Friday - IÑURRITZA

9:00 Wakeup call with txistularis.

11:00 Main Mass in the chapel of San Pelaio.

11:30  In Iñurritza, games for children

19:00  In Iñurritza, rural sports festival

23:00  In Iñurritza,  concert with BIDE BATEZ

00:00  The end of festivities

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