Tourist Quality

The Tourist Quality "Q"

The Tourist Quality “Q” is the Mark that represents quality in the Spanish tourist sector.

The “Q” awarded to tourist establishments by the Secretary of State for Tourism and the Autonomous Communities represents PRESTIGE, DIFFERENTIATION, RELIABILITY, RIGOR AND PROMOTION.

Establishments that receive the "Quality Q" have passed strict audits which certify that their provision of service is a guarantee for quality, safety and professionalism. All of this ensures customers receive the best tourist experience possible.


Who is responsible for awarding the “Q” Tourist Quality Mark?

  • The Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE).
  • The ICTE is the Certifying Body for Quality Systems especially created for tourist companies, containing the most important national tourist associations in Spain, the SET (Secretary of State for Tourism), the CCAA (Autonomous Communities) and the FEMP (Spanish Federation of Towns and Provinces).
  • It is a private, independent, non-profit Spanish Body which is recognised across the whole of Spain.
  • It is responsible for certifying, administering and safeguarding the correct use of the “Q” Mark.