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Txakoli wineries

Txakoli is a young, fruity white wine. It has a medium alcohol content (9.5º - 11.5º) and a slight, characteristic acidity. This is a wine with a clearly differentiated character. It should be served chilled . As a result of the fermentation proc.ess, this wine is slightly sparkling, producing a tingle on the palate and a full range of aromas.

Two autochthonous varieties, Hondarrabi Zuri, which makes up 95% of the vines and Hondarrabi Beltza, which represents the remaining 5%, are trained on trellises and arbours to produce the grapes used to make Txakoli de Getaria.

The grapes are harvested in early autumn, the result of careful planning to guarantee the exact balance of sugar and acidity, followed by a painstaking production process whereby the grape skins are previously removed, and state-of-the-art pressing and fermentation technologies are used to produce Txakolí de Getaria.