Txakoli wineries

Txakoli wineries


Great wine needs great grapes, and the fruit grown on our land produces exceptional beverages. Perhaps it's the fertile soil and sea breeze that enable our region to produce one of the best white wines currently on the market: Txakoli of Getaria. Some of the vineyards and bodegas in Zarautz operate under this protected designation of origin. These grapevines are an important part of our landscape and Zarautz is surrounded by them.

Txakoli of Getaria has plenty of character and flavour. Txakoli is an age-old tradition in the Basque Country, but there was a time when it was on the brink of extinction beyond home consumption. However, is has risen like a phoenix from the flames to become one of the best wines on the market.

The grapes are carefully harvested in early autumn and modern technology aids the pressing and fermentation process. The vines are painstakingly cultivated to create a txakoli with the Getariako Txakolina Protected Designation of Origin.

Raise your glass and make a toast!


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