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Zarautz market


Opening times:
From Monday to Friday: 08:30-13:30 / 17:00-20:00
Samedy: 08:30-13:30

Zarautz is a town that overflows with tranquillity and elegance. It even attracted the attention of Queen Isabella II, who used it as her summer retreat. Many more people have chosen it as a favourite destination and even consider it a home-from-home, because of the comfort and dynamism it offers. It is also a magnet for surfers. But, as well as this urban and beach side to Zarautz, the town also retains the ideal conditions for varied seasonal horticulture, which is necessary to supply the daily market that has become a gastronomic ambassador and a showcase for the products of farms and dairies where painstaking techniques and traditional methods are still in use.

The nature of the terrain and the absence of heavy industry has allowed the survival of numerous baserris (farmhouses) which produce plentiful crops in fields and greenhouses: tomatoes, peppers, chard, lettuces, onions, potatoes, garlic, leeks, carrots, cauliflowers, pumpkins, cabbages, green beans, broad beans, peas, spinach and more. The food market, built in 1903 to Ramón Cortázar’s design, is the place to go to see the results of the farmers’ hard work. The farmers themselves occupy stalls at the centre of the market, where they exhibit shining home-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers. The permanent market stalls, housed in closed booths, are home to delicatessens, cheese producers, butchers, fishmongers greengrocers and florists.

Nestled in the historic quarter, on an ancient internal courtyard, and listed as  part of Zarautz’s built heritage, the market is a vast treasure chest brimming with the finest raw materials that the etxekoandres (Basque housewives) have used to lay the firm foundations of Basque cuisine.


The market was reopened in July 2009, after two years of restoration work. In the beginning, local farmers used to sell their excess produce, but now they produce with a view to selling.

A visit to the traditional market are a must, where you will be able to choose the freshest, seasonal products. Here you will discover one of the best kept secrets of our cuisine: the variety and quality of the fish from the neighbouring ports of Orio, Getaria and Zumaia, and the best selection of fruit and vegetables.