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Landscape and nature

Zarautz sits atop a colossal dune. You only need to observe the visible part of it, the biggest dune biotope on the coast of Gipuzkoa, to get an idea of it. It is located at the eastern end of the beach and you can walk across it from one side to the other. If you love the majesty of the open sea, you should climb the adjacent Talaimendi headland, from which whales were spotted in the past, and take a look around the disused mineral loading platform of Mollarri. The views and the sunsets are spectacular from the cliff.

Walking is a common activity, but walking throughtxakoli vineyards or with a view of the sea is a completely different experience. We recommend the following hiking trails: GR 121 (Gipuzkoa round trip), PR-GI 202 (Mendiko Txakolina) and PR-GI 201 Sustraia (hiking trails of Urola Kosta).

In only a few minutes we can replace the hustle and bustle of town life with a gentle stroll, leaving the centre behind and making our way into hillsides, cliffs and mountains populated with farmhouses, hermitages, cultivated fields and forests.

A whole maze of paths will take you on an enjoyable tour along the many areas of natural beauty around Zarautz.


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Areas of natural interest 

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Walks and outings